9.15.14 30

Fall Hair Transition

Every year as the weather transitions from summer to fall, something happens to me where I feel a deep need for a makeover – specifically, in the hair department. I’m not exactly sure where this urge comes from, but just like the leaves begin to change color, I also want to change up my hair cut and color.

Since I am getting my hair done next week before we leave for our Vegas vacation, I have started to pull inspiration from Pinterest so I can accurately communicate to my stylist what kind of, and how drastic of, a change that I am looking for.

For the cut, I am leaning toward a mid-length look with minimal long layers. I think a curling wand and some sea salt spray also would help me achieve some texture in my otherwise straight hair.

And, for the color, I don’t want to ditch my blonde, but I want to warm it up with more low-lights or experiment with the ever-so-popular ombre effect.

As always, I will be excited to share with all of you the final result next week after my appointment!
What are your favorite fall hair trends? Do you plan to change up your look for the fall?