8.18.14 19

Most-Reached For Lipsticks

It’s hard to believe that just a few short years ago, I didn’t own one single lipstick and I never wore the stuff unless somebody put it on me for a special occasion.

Nowadays, I can’t even imagine not wearing lipstick on a daily basis. It completes both my makeup and outfit for the day, and choosing the right color can make or break the look I’m going for.

These are the lipsticks in my collection that I reach for most often, which include both drugstore and high-end products.

It’s easy to see what shade of lipstick I tend to gravitate toward on a daily basis – a darker neutral with a hint of pink. However, during the summer, a coral lipstick with a pink undertone is my go to, and I most definitely cannot pass up a vampy plum lip in the fall and winter months.

What are your favorite lipsticks?