Kimono Craze

If you remember from this post, I’ve had a thing with kimonos this summer. I find them to be so versatile – you can dress them down with a cami and cut-off shorts; you can dress them up with skinnies and jewelry; or you even can wear them as a bathing suit coverup at the pool or beach. Now that’s some bang for your buck, right?

I absolutely adore my kimono that I found during one of my weekly trips to TJMaxx. It allows me to embrace more of a laid-back, nearly bohemian vibe while still maintaining a level of classic glam. Kimonos typically run big, so purchasing a top in a size small also can be a confidence booster to a woman.

It’s been a perfect throw-on piece on some of the more humid Midwest days we’ve been experiencing lately, and I imagine this will pair well as a coverup with both my black and sea-foam green bikinis that will travel with me to Vegas at the end of September.

Kimono: TJMaxx
Blue cami: Target (similar)
White skinnies: Old Navy (exact)
Sandals: Target (exact)
Necklace: American Eagle (ridiculously old)

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  1. Simona wrote:

    THe colors on this kimono are perfect, fresh, not so much boho. What a fun summer outfit!

    Posted 8.8.14 Reply
  2. You are so sweet – thanks for another nomination and including me on your list. πŸ™‚ I hope you continue to come back and enjoy the blog!

    Posted 8.6.14 Reply
  3. You're so sweet! I am looking forward to using it as a bathing suit coverup in Vegas.

    Posted 8.6.14 Reply
  4. Thanks, girl! I really didn't pay attention to kimonos until I found this one, and then it all changed for me. πŸ™‚

    Posted 8.6.14 Reply
  5. Thanks, girl! Blue against white skinnies always has been one of my favorite combos.

    Posted 8.6.14 Reply
  6. Tif Fannin wrote:

    Love the kimino, especially paired with the blue shirt!

    Also, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. I know you've already participated (so please don't feel obliged to do it again), but I love your blog and wanted to include it on my list:)

    Tif @ Bright on a Budget

    Posted 8.6.14 Reply
  7. Nadia wrote:

    I want to find at least one kimono before I go on my vacation at the end of the month – I feel like it's the kind of fashion workhorse that is perfect for saving some space in your suitcase! I totally agree with Carly, these colours are beautiful on you!

    Posted 8.5.14 Reply
  8. That is such a great color on you! I love the idea to use them as a bathing suit cover up!

    Posted 8.5.14 Reply
  9. The Adored Life wrote:

    I totally thought that I was going to have a kimono loving summer but I haven't! Love how this looks on you!

    Posted 8.5.14 Reply
  10. Love the colors and the blue really makes it pop!

    Posted 8.5.14 Reply
  11. You are so sweet, thank you! And, I swear by Old Navy jeans, especially since they now offer the skinnies in a high waist so I don't constantly feel like I'm pulling them up.

    Posted 8.5.14 Reply
  12. Yes! My mission is to find heavier kimonos to wear throughout the fall. Can't wait to see yours. πŸ™‚

    Posted 8.5.14 Reply
  13. Thanks, girl! I've had that blue cami longer than I care to admit, so when I saw that kimono I knew it would pair perfectly with it. I can't wait to use the kimono as a swimsuit coverup, too!

    Posted 8.5.14 Reply
  14. I thought so!

    Posted 8.5.14 Reply
  15. I'm totally sure you could pull one off, even as just a bathing suit coverup! Thanks for stopping by, girl.

    Posted 8.5.14 Reply
  16. I've seen a lot of those there lately, too – I don't know where all the good ones went!

    Posted 8.5.14 Reply
  17. That's exactly what drew me to it! πŸ™‚

    Posted 8.5.14 Reply
  18. Right?! They are so versatile! Thanks, lady. πŸ™‚

    Posted 8.5.14 Reply
  19. Your outfit comes together so beautiful. The necklace compliments the tank and kimono perfectly, plus the colors make your eyes pop. I have those same pants from Old Navy and love them — I wear them constantly!

    Posted 8.5.14 Reply
  20. Love the colors of this one! I just got my first kimono in Charleston and it's a bit heavier so I'm just patiently waiting for the weather to cool off!!

    Posted 8.5.14 Reply
  21. Mia- MakeMeUpMia wrote:

    I LOVE the way you styled this, with the white & blue. So pretty. And yes how perfect it will be for Vegas over a swimsuit πŸ™‚

    Posted 8.5.14 Reply
  22. Debra Stachelski wrote:

    So cute and will be perfect for Vegas!

    Posted 8.5.14 Reply
  23. wrote:

    love kimonos, but worry that they don't look right on me. this one is so cute.

    Posted 8.5.14 Reply
  24. Aimee Rose wrote:

    Love that Kimono you found, I've been keeping my eye out on my TJ Maxx trips but haven't come across anything quite as great, most of the ones I've seen have had fringe along the bottom which just isn't quite my style.

    Posted 8.5.14 Reply
  25. Biana Perez wrote:

    Love the pattern of this one – so pretty and vibrant!

    Posted 8.5.14 Reply
  26. Pamela wrote:

    Obsessed with kimonos right now! So cute! Love the colors in this one!

    <3, Pamela

    Posted 8.5.14 Reply

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