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High Five for Finley!

Like what I did there with today’s post title?
It only seems fitting that today’s H54F post be dedicated to the new little man in our lives, the one and only Finley! My entire week (and Instagram feed) basically has revolved around that little goober, so my top five moments this week are all about him. 
Plus, who doesn’t want to look at a series of adorable dog pictures? I’m pretty sure nobody has ever objected to that … 
Wherever you are and whatever your plans are for the weekend, I hope you have a great time! 

1. Finn overall has taken very well to his crate, which has been a blessing. He sleeps through the night with no whining, and he hasn’t had any accidents in the crate. And, yes – that is a Chicago Blackhawks fleece tie blanket that I made for him the day after I found out we were getting him. Don’t judge me.

2. Since he is in his crate all night long, we typically haven’t been keeping him in there once we are done eating dinner – that only seems fair, right? Well, he now associates nighttime as TV time and when he can come sleep on my lap. It’s a good thing he has adjusted well to being cozy.

3. Are the men in my life not the cutest? Ryan has been so excited to come home from work every day and get greeted by Finn.

4. We decided to embark on a little adventure outside our yard the other day, and Finn did surprisingly well. We only walked him a short distance down the street, and he was happy to explore and take in all the new smells. Also, that harness is a lifesaver – Finn responds much better to that instead of a leash on his collar.

5. We have a pretty solid routine going – crate time, potty/outdoor time, playtime and repeat. Playtime consists of usually laying on the rug in our family room and playing with his rope tug toy for a few minutes, and then he zonks out on my stomach. I mean, how am I ever supposed to get work done with that sleepy face on me?!

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