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Double French Braid Bun Tutorial

I am not good at styling my hair, nor am I known to do super cute and creative hairstyles. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to grips with the fact that my hair is long, fine and straight. It rarely cooperates when I want to try something new.

That is until a few years ago when I started putting my hair in this braided ‘do, and people would stop me in public to compliment it. Even to this day when I go out like this, I have at least one person come up to me in the store to ask me about how I got my hair to look like this. The good news is that if you know how to french braid (or can at least fake it), you can master this style in five minutes or less.

I find this works best on damp hair, but if your hair already is dry, just use dry shampoo or working hairspray to give it some grit and texture. And, your braids and bun don’t have to be perfect – this style should be effortless, so if your braids are loose or you have layers falling out of your bun, it’s not a big deal!

What you’ll need:
1 hair tie
2 clear hair elastics
Bobby pins

1. As discussed, start with damp hair or air-dried hair. Add some dry shampoo or working hairspray for texture.
2. Part your hair per your preference – for this style, I like mine parted close to the middle – and split into two sections. Use your hair tie to pull back one side while you work on the other.
3. Section off approximately an inch of hair, and split into three sections. Begin your french braid.
4. Continue braiding until you reach your ear or right behind it.
5. Using one of the clear elastics, tie up the braid and the extra hair below it into a ponytail.
6. Repeat on the other side. You should be left with two pigtails.
7. Twist the two pigtails together, and wrap them around to form a bun shape.
8. Secure the bun using the hair tie. Bobby pin any loose pieces, and finish with a layer of hairspray. 

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