6.2.14 29

Gold Stripes & Coral

Happy Monday, all! If I look overly smiley in these pictures, it’s
because I was (and am) for several reasons – one being that I found a
new part of the yard that I love as a background for style pictures, and
two that I simply love this outfit. It combines my current color
combination obsession, gold and coral, and it is comfy enough to wear
while running errands but dressy enough to wear out to eat.

I’ve also been pairing that necklace with a variety of outfits lately. It picked up the coral in the shorts for this outfit, but I’ve also paired it with a mint top and white shorts and a simple white tee and denim cutoffs. It makes a statement and packs a punch of color without being too overbearing. The best part? I found it at Forever 21 for less than $5.

I’m looking forward to creating more outfits centered around this top since the gold and stripes are versatile and will work with a number of different colored bottoms.

Note: Please ignore my nails in all these photos – I completely forgot to take off my gross, chipped polish before we shot these pictures. Oops!

Links are to the exact or similar items pictured.
shorts | Old Navy
necklace | Forever 21
sandals | Target