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Eye Primer // One Product, Two Ways

Eye primer is one of the best makeup inventions I’ve ever come across. Especially for someone like me who has oily eyelids year-round, primer is essential to keep my shadows intact and crease-free.  My holy grail eye primer is the one by Nars – once that stuff sets, it’s basically like glue and keeps my shadows looking fresh all day long.

It recently occurred to me that if primer works so well on my eyelids, it will probably be just as effective under my eyes before applying concealer.

The verdict?

It works!

I simply apply a swipe of primer under each eye before concealing, and gently dab it in with my ring finger. Once it’s dry, I apply my concealer as normal and set it with a light dusting of powder.

This has significantly increased the wear of my concealer, and I have had minimal to no creasing since adding this step to my routine.

I realize that this may not be a revelation to some of you, but hey – it was new to me, so like everything else on this blog, I thought I’d share the love!

What are some of your unique beauty secrets?