DIY Initial Burlap Wreath

After last week’s Thankful Thursday post, several of you asked for a tutorial on the initial burlap wreath that I made for our front door. Well, ask and you shall receive!

I obviously can’t take credit for this DIY project since there are hundreds of tutorials on Pinterest and around the Web. I am confident to admit that my instructions may not be the best, so I highly recommend you seek out other tutorials on this project. I think I looked up five or six tutorials on Pinterest and then even took to YouTube to watch a video demonstration. And, be warned – those tutorials that say “Oh, this should only take you 20 minutes!” are probably from experienced DIYers – this took me more like an hour and a half once I figured it out.

First, obviously, you’ll need your supplies.

1 wire wreath frame – I used a 16″
Burlap garland – I bought three rolls but only used two
Adornments for decorating
Hot glue gun
Patience (haha, just warning you!)

With the wreath frame flipped over, take the end of the burlap garland and tie it in a knot on the last section of the frame (the wire furthest in, closest to the round opening). This will anchor your garland as you work.

Flip the wreath frame back over to the front. Working from the last section (the section furthest in) to the outside, start pushing the burlap up through each section to create a loop. You probably will have to hold the loops in place until your wreath gets more full and they start holding themselves.

When you get to the last section and loop, flip the wreath over again, twist the burlap, then start again with your loops in the first section and work backward toward the outside section. Repeat this process until your entire wreath is filled up.

Make sure to push the sections together and fluff the loops as you go to cover the wire frame. It should end up looking something like this.

Now it’s time to decorate! I chose our initial as the primary feature, and I chose to use flower pins so I easily can change them with the seasons. You can get as creative as you want here – the sky is the limit!

If you make your own burlap wreath, please share your experience and pictures with me – I’d love to see how they turn out!

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  1. 6.5.14

    Thanks, lady! The colors kind of suit our interior decor, so I thought I would keep it consistent. πŸ™‚

  2. 6.5.14

    That is a great tip – I definitely will try that out next time. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. 6.5.14

    Thanks, lady!

  4. 6.5.14

    I always love hearing about decor trends in different places. Wreaths are definitely a year round staple here in the U.S.!

  5. 6.5.14

    Thank you! I found them in the dollar section up by the registers at Michael's.

  6. 6.5.14
    Nadia said:

    It turned out amazing! Where did you get those flower pins you used to decorate?

  7. 6.5.14
    DearMsLeigh said:

    That looks awesome! I'm so looking forward to having a front door to decorate when we get a house. Having grown up in the UK where wreath decorations are only really a thing at Christmas, if that, i'm fully embracing the American wreath trend!

  8. 6.5.14
    Mia- MakeMeUpMia said:

    SO CUTE!! Good job girl πŸ™‚

  9. 6.5.14
    Pamela said:

    Ok you are SO crafty it's ridiculous! This is so cute! I want to try to make one but mine would never turn out this good!

    <3, Pamela

  10. 6.5.14

    Thank you!

  11. 6.5.14

    Absolutely! It would make a good housewarming present.

  12. 6.5.14

    Yes, exactly!

  13. 6.5.14

    I think I'm one of the least crafty people out there, so I'm glad I'm able to fake it for the blog. Ha! So glad you like it. πŸ™‚

  14. 6.5.14

    Awe, thanks girl! You're too sweet. I doubt I could survive with an Etsy store, but you never know. πŸ™‚

  15. 6.5.14
    carly said:

    So glad you shared this! This is also such a good idea for a gift for someone!

  16. 6.5.14
    Debra Stachelski said:

    This turned out great – love it!

  17. 6.5.14

    Nice! It looks easy, but time consuming!

  18. 6.5.14
    Biana Perez said:

    I mean this looks like something you can purchase from the store – it's so well done!! Perhaps an etsy shop is in your future!

  19. 6.5.14
    Tif said:

    Very pretty! You can also use floral wire to hold your burlap in place as you bunch–it's available at Walmart or Hobby Lobby. Love your blog! I actually mentioned your blog, along with a couple of others, on my H54F post a couple of weeks ago:)


  20. 6.5.14
    Becky M said:

    Love this!! So pretty! Love the colors with it!