6.9.14 20

Coveted Style: Kimonos

Top row, left to right: Medallion | Lace-Trim Floral | Lace 
Bottom row, left to right: Chiffon Jacket | Grey | Art Deco Chevron

I picked up my first kimono over the weekend at TJMaxx (for a mere $15!), and I instantly fell in love. It’s not quite a cardigan or a jacket, but it instantly adds a finished, polished element to almost any outfit – even a white tee and denim shorts. The lighter, chiffon material kimonos can even be worn at the pool or beach as a bathing suit coverup – who doesn’t love a multitasking piece of clothing?!

I certainly now can understand all the hype that I’ve been hearing about and seeing lately when it comes to this new style trend. I’m certain that the kimono that I purchased will be worn to the max throughout the summer, and I hope to add a few of the above pieces to my closet in the near future.

Are you into the kimono trend for the summer?