Meet Mr. in the Midwest

Well, I thought it was about time for the blogosphere to be introduced to my better half: Ryan Anderson, or as he likes to call himself, Mister in the Midwest. I already am cracking up.

Last night of our honeymoon in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

I first got the idea for this post from Katie and Mia, and Ryan was more than willing to subject to this Q&A. I used a variation of the same questions that Katie used, as well as my own questions.

I hope it provides you some insight into this hilarious man I married – enjoy!

Me: What is the name of my blog?
R: Miss in the Midwest, duh. 

Me: What do I typically write about?
R: Beauty supplies on Wednesdays, recipes on Tuesdays, and Mondays should be all about me.
Me: What about Thursday and Friday? And, what’s really on Mondays?
R: Thursday is sometimes Thankful Thursday and Fridays are the High Five for Friday linkup. And, Mondays are your weekend recaps, right? Wait no, style posts.

Me: What’s a popular fashion item for women right now?
R: Are you kidding me? Obviously, maxi dresses. 

Me: Where’s my favorite place to shop?
R: What category? It depends. I need to know if we are talking about clothes, shoes, makeup, home decor, or general stuff.
Me: Okay, general stuff.
R: Well, obviously Target then. 
Me: And, in your opinion, where is the best place for women to shop?
R: Um … I still say Target because it has everything you need in one place. And, to me, that’s a bulls eye.

Me: What do you know about Pinterest?
R: That men should be banned from it. 

Me: What is my favorite thing to look at on Pinterest?
R: Pictures of hair. For sure. Or home decor.

Me: What part of our rental home do I enjoy most?
R: The couch? No. The fireplace? I don’t know.
Me: No! The swing set, duh!
R: Oh. When you say home, I was thinking inside.

Me: What’s a Hunter wellie?
R: Is that like, Hunter/wellie? An old wooden ship. 

Me: What obnoxious acronym do I always say to annoy you?
R: YOLO. And, you’re only going to live once more if you continue to say it. Note: he’s kidding.

Me: What do you and I like to do together?
R: Workout, go to the movies, watch the Chicago Blackhawks, enjoy a glass of whiskey (oh wait, that’s just me), and swing on the swing set. 

Me: Am I good at staying on a budget?
R: Yes, absolutely. 

Me: What’s the 2014 Pantone color of the year?
R: Um, again, are you kidding me? Coral!
Me: Actually, it’s Radiant Orchid.
R: Same thing.

Me: What do women keep in their purse?
R: Lip products, a wallet of some sort or clutch, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, and cellphone (obviously). 

Me: What do I do when I’m home alone?
R: Besides napping? Work on your blog, do your VA Network homework, and above all, wife duties.
Me: And what do you do when you’re home alone?
R: Watch TV. 

Me: What’s my favorite accessory?
R: Oh my gosh, is this even a real question?
Me: Yes.
R: Scarves! Hence the 8 million you have.

Me: What’s an acceptable amount to spend on a makeup item?
R: No more than $5.59.
Me: Why $.59?
R: I thought I would give you some leeway. 

Me: What jewelry do I wear everyday?
R: Your wedding rings and some sort of necklace. 

Me: What’s my favorite TV show?
R: I don’t know if we have time to go through all these. Are we talking current or past? Obviously, the number one all-time favorite would be Full House. Current ones include Revenge, Scandal, Nashville, Pretty Little Liars, Mad Men and Downton Abbey. 

Me: Anything else you’d like to share?
R: I could have had something prepared for this interview. I am happy to share these answers with all the readers and followers of Miss in the Midwest, and I look forward to making another appearance on here soon. Because this isn’t over folks.

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  1. 5.9.14

    Wow, he really knows his stuff about your blog! I try not to be offended that my bf "sometimes" (shifty side-eyes) reads it, but I realize that it's very clearly written for women and is pretty far out of his comfort zone.

  2. 5.8.14

    Ahhhh! This post is awesome! And fun! His answers are hilarious! I love his response about pintrest! And so sweet he knows about all your posts! πŸ™‚

  3. 5.8.14

    Hahaha! This was awesome. My favorite answers were the .59 cents, banning men from Pinterest and "an old wooden ship"! SO funny!

  4. 5.8.14

    That seems to be the favorite answer! πŸ™‚

  5. 5.8.14

    Ha ha, I think he was surprised when I told him that actually was a correct answer! I'm pretty sure he just took an educated guess based on how many maxi dresses/skirts are currently hanging in our closet. πŸ™‚

  6. 5.8.14

    LOL, yes, he is wrong! He's so random. And, I enjoyed his answer to what I write about, too – it's nice to know he actually pays attention to what I'm doing!

  7. 5.8.14

    Ha ha, that seems to be the favorite answer of his! Where he came up with $.59, I will never know.

  8. 5.8.14

    Haha, I know right?! I was like why $.59? He's so random.

  9. 5.8.14

    Oh, he's a riot alright! He's been wanting to do this interview for weeks, but he definitely wasn't expecting these types of questions! He was pretty on-point, I was impressed.

  10. 5.8.14
    MandyREverson said:

    his responses are awesome, especially on the acceptable amount to spend on make up πŸ˜‰

  11. 5.8.14
    Biana Perez said:

    He's a riot!! I have to give him credit he's really on point with his answers…although the $5.59 was probably the most outrageous number I've heard to date lol!

  12. 5.8.14
    carly said:

    Oh my gosh, I love these posts so much and I laughed at Mister in the Midwest! Too funny! Love the extra 59 cents to spend on a makeup item πŸ˜‰ haha

  13. 5.8.14
    Pamela said:

    Hahaha love this!! I've seen a few bloggers doing this recently and I totally want to do it with my best friend on our mini road trip this weekend! LOL his responses are awesome, especially on the acceptable amount to spend on make up πŸ˜‰

    <3, Pamela

  14. 5.8.14
    Mia- MakeMeUpMia said:

    This is hilarious, he's so funny!! $5.59, no Ryan you are wrong… LOL. I like his answer on what you write about πŸ™‚

  15. 5.8.14

    Ha, I love it! His personality totally came through in the interview, awesome! I love the "obviously maxi dresses". Thanks for introducing your Mr.!

  16. 5.8.14
    Debra Stachelski said:

    I am dying laughing right now! I would like to know where Ryan shops for his makeup though (haha!) Looking forward to future appearances!