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High Five for Friday

TGIF, everybody! How was your week? I, for one, am glad it’s Friday – yesterday was NOT Ryan and mine’s day, so I am happy to start the weekend off on a new foot.

Wherever you are and whatever your plans are for the weekend, I hope you have a blast! Here is a recap of my week.

1. In case you missed it, I revealed the long-awaited vintage vanity table makeover yesterday! Be sure to check it out. It’s amazing how much more I enjoy doing my makeup everyday now because of this beauty.

2. I got to visit my big sister, Kristy, at her vintage shop in Elburn, Ill., last weekend. You guys, the shop is amazeballs. If you’re ever in the area, you have to stop by! I envy my sister’s creative talent.

3. Ryan and I got three, solid workouts in this week. We’ve been so busy the past couple weeks that we’ve only been able to go once or twice, so it felt good to get that extra day in this week. My arms aren’t too happy, but hey – it’s all about getting results, right?

4. If you’re a Chicago Blackhawks fan, you will know why I find this hilarious. I plan to apply this photo and/or show it in every applicable situation possible.

5. I was feeling a bit under the weather earlier this week, so I was able to lay low and finish season three of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. That show is ridiculously amusing, and I’m now hooked. Does anybody know where online that I can watch season four? I’m trying to catch up before season five starts next month! Such problems, I tell ya.

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