Geometric Cardigan

Let me just preface this by saying I NEVER shop at Forever 21. I don’t
have the patience to flip through all the racks, and I would rather
spend money on quality clothing.

With that said, when Ryan and I went to the mall a few weeks ago, this cardigan caught my eye in the window of F21 and I just had to go in. The material of the sweater is thick, which makes it surprisingly warm, and the pattern is unlike anything else I have in my closet. I already envision wearing this with my boyfriend jeans, as shown, or with cut-off jean shorts around a bonfire on a cool summer night.

sweater | Forever 21
black tee | Target
boyfriend jeans | Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s
heels | Kohl’s, Apt. 9, old
arrow necklace | World Market
gold stud earrings | Target
sunnies | Coach Factory Outlet

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  1. 5.19.14

    I have a feeling I will get a lot of wear out of this one!

  2. 5.19.14

    Thanks, girl! Definitely a diamond in the rough in the store.

  3. 4.15.14

    It is SO cozy. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. 4.15.14

    I agree with you! I am going to continue to keep my eyes open for any other good finds.

  5. 4.15.14

    I always see bloggers with stuff from F21, too! I think that's why deep down I felt the need to go in … I even came out with a purse and a couple necklaces!

  6. 4.15.14

    It's so comfy! There is nothing I love more than a cozy sweater.

  7. 4.14.14
    SuESanders said:

    I love anything black & white and this looks so cozy– perfect for a summer night like you said!

  8. 4.14.14

    I have a southwestern sweater that I bought online from F21 that has the same shape as that one and I absolutely love it….wear it all the time!

  9. 4.14.14
    Biana Perez said:

    I'm with you – just dont have the patience to sift through everything on the racks…but this is a great cardigan!!

  10. 4.14.14
    Mia- MakeMeUpMia said:

    Oh girl, I feel ya. F21 is so overwhelming! Love this and it looks super comfy!

  11. 4.14.14
    carly said:

    I haven't been to Forever 21 in quite a while either– but I always see people on blogs with the cutest things from there! I love anything black & white and this looks so cozy– perfect for a summer night like you said!

  12. 4.14.14

    This is so cute and looks SO comfy! I rarely go into F21 anymore for the same reasons but every once in a while they will have something that looks so surprisingly cute and well made that I have to check it out!