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Makeup Essentials: Face | Part Two

This post is part of my makeup essentials series. You can read part one of my essential face products here!

Today is the second installment of my makeup essentials series – part two of my essential face products.

I tend to keep my routine for “add-on” face products pretty simple. A little contour/bronzer, some highlighter, a pop of blush, and … BAM! I’m done. Like what I did there? I was trying to make it more dramatic than it really is. #fail

The Too Faced bronzer is my year-round go-to for contouring and bronzing. It is the perfect matte bronzer, and it isn’t orange-y. As an added bonus, it also literally smells like chocolate – Ryan even thinks it smells good! Clinique’s bronzer also has been a longtime staple in my collection, but since it has a shimmery finish, I solely use it in the summer when I want to add a highlighting sheen all over my face. 

I waited quite a while to get my hands on the Lorac powder highlighter, and let me tell you – it was worth the wait! It is the perfect shade of champagne, and I think it would work on a variety of skin tones. It gives off the most subtle sheen on the skin, and I almost feel that my skin looks young and angelic when I have it on. 

Blush is how I experiment most when changing up my makeup look. Through much trial and error, I have narrowed down my all-time favorite blush brands and colors to three brands. Yes, THREE. I’m a firm believer that you don’t need drawers upon drawers of makeup to prove something. Exposed (Tarte), Rebel Rose (Estee Lauder –> my wedding day blush!) and Smoldering Plum (Clinique) compliment my skin tone well and provide the right amount of variety from season to season. I’m not saying these are the only three blushes I ever wear, but on a daily basis, it’s a pretty safe bet that I am sporting one of these on my cheeks.

My essential eye products will be up next Wednesday!

Tell me: what are your favorite bronzers, highlighters and blushes?