2.19.14 5

Makeup Essentials: Face | Part 1

What day is it? HUMP DAY! Sorry, I know that commercial is so 2013, but I can’t help myself.

I am kicking off a new beauty series today all about my makeup essentials. I will break it up into different parts, including face, eyes, lips and beauty tools. You can look for each series installment every Wednesday as I work through each category.

Today, I begin with part one of face products.

If you’ve been reading MITM for a while or have just recently become acclimated with the site, it is easy to figure out that I have very sensitive, acne-prone skin. Out of all the makeup categories, I probably have tried and tested face products more than any other makeup.

Although my self-proclaimed beauty junkie status drives me to continue to test new and different products, these face essentials are what I consider holy grail products in my collection.

I wear each on a daily basis, either individually or all together depending on how much coverage I am looking for, and I never have had an issue with breakouts, creasing or foundation rub-off on clothing. I also used all the products on my wedding day, which I consider to be the ultimate makeup test, and without fail, my face still looked as perfect at the end of the night as it did at the beginning of the day.

If you’re struggling with picking out face makeup for your collection or are in the market to try something new, I cannot recommend these items enough!

Tell me: what are your essential face makeup products?