2.13.19 12

10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day On Your Own

Ah, Valentine’s Day. You either love (literally) or loathe tomorrow’s holiday. I’m somewhere in between. Yes, I’m lucky to have a husband to celebrate with, but we’ve really never put much emphasis on the holiday. Probably because my birthday is in two weeks, so I always try to cut Ryan…

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2.11.19 34

February 2019 Reads & Reviews

I seem to be reading at a slower pace these days. I’m not so sure why, but in a way it’s nice. Feels like I’m investing more into each book and savoring the stories/characters opposed to rushing through simply to meet a goal. ANYWAY. That said, I’ve had some great…

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2.4.19 17

4 Things I Loved in January

Last month felt like the longest year ever. And, based on what I’ve seen from others on social a lot of you agree! I was thrilled to say sayonara and welcome February with open arms. I turn 30 at the end of the month, and while I have some mixed…

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1.30.19 20

At-Home Dressing Room Diary: Loft

I know that us Midwestern folk say this at some point every single winter, but we quite literally are living in a frozen tundra. Pretty sure I saw an article that we’re experiencing temperatures colder than Antarctica. Plus the foot and then some of snow that was dumped on us…

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1.23.19 16

Snow Day Essentials from Amazon

We’re officially snowed in here in Wisconsin! I guess it was inevitable that our balmy Midwest winter was going to come to an end. Winter is not my idea of a good time; however, I kind of live for a good snow day. I look forward to at least one…

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