Best Buys of July

How can daily time be moving at a snail’s pace, yet here we already are in August?! Guess that’s pandemic life for you. 😉 I’m changing things up a bit with monthly loves this go around. Today I’m sharing my best buys of July, including new bedding, storage solutions, masks…

Our Basement Gym

I recently shared how the ‘rona pandemic made us reevaluate our gym membership along with plans for a fitness space at home. Nearly a month later, I’m excited to show off our basement gym! Here’s what we started with:   We always knew we wanted this particular section of the…

Influenced Purchases

I’ve always been a research shopper. Meaning before any sort of purchase, I’ll typically spend some time reading reviews. This is what I love most about blogging and social media influencers – it’s easy to find a personal, relatable review of something that I’m after. Or, in most cases, something…

What I Read in June 2020 + Reviews

With the attention span of a squirrel at the moment, it’s a miracle I made it through four books last month (but not all the ones that I hoped to get to). What I read in June 2020 was four stars across the board, although most didn’t do much for…

Summer Midi Dresses under $70

You know what’s funny? I despise winter and being cold all the time, but as soon as summer arrives I’m quickly reminded how much I loathe warm weather clothes. Basically, I can’t win. Ha! But, seriously. I’ve never been able to strike a balance between comfort and style during the…

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