3.20.19 5

Coffee Chat No. 18 | Life Update & Links

There’s been a lot on my mind the last couple weeks, so I thought it high time to sit down and share.   On Sunday, March 10 my Grandma Bette passed away. The second death in our family in three months, my second loss of a grandparent. My grandma was…

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3.18.19 6

6 Random Items in My Amazon Cart

Call me curious or nosy, but I just love getting a glimpse into people’s shopping carts. The typical randomness of it all usually sparks my own ideas or reminds me of something that I absolutely must have (or not). Anyone else like that? Well, I hope so! Here’s 6 random…

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3.11.19 24

March 2019 Reads & Reviews

I’m slowly getting back into my reading groove, thank goodness. That’s probably because I’m at last getting books from the library that have been on hold for quite some time so I’m ready to dive in. There was a good mix of books throughout the last month – some enjoyable,…

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3.6.19 10

How I Like to Use My FitBit Versa

I mentioned a couple months back that I was the brief owner of an Apple Watch and quickly discovered it wasn’t at all what I wanted in my life. Instead I went back to my tried and true FitBit and opted to give their version of a smartwatch a try.…

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3.4.19 14

7 Things I Loved in February

And, just like that – it’s March! January was the longest year, and February was over in a blink. Time is a funny thing! There were quite a few random favorites throughout last month, so let’s jump right into 7 things I loved in February. Oh yeah, I’m not afraid…

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